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There is No Door, yet There are Many Windows

This exhibition showcases the perspectives of residents from Vale House, tackling the loss of identity experienced by those with dementia. The title, ‘There is No Door, Yet There are Many Windows’ was a comment made by a resident, while they were making art. It became a metaphor, as there is no door to escape dementia but there are still windows, offering glints of nostalgia and empowerment.

 Each resident has designed a personalised window reflecting their life, interests, and their current reality, to reconstruct mechanisms for comfort. It is a platform to express how those with dementia can still experience lucidity, creativity and fulfilment. Together the installation of windows represents a home, where community is shaped by diverse outlooks.

Artist and an art psychotherapist in training, Georgia Crowther designed this project to be accessible to every individual, helping to heal mental, physical and existential pains. She created the windows with each resident, helping where mobility was a limiting factor. She expresses how using poetry, music and talking with relatives was a huge way of those involved to participate.

The project was exhibited at OVADA Gallery in July and in Fusion Arts Window Galleries in November-December 2023. Georgia also created a series of ceramic windows to express the duality of a personal art practice for those training in art psychotherapy. She brings the project to the general public, teaching window making workshops, asking the participants to reframe their reality.

This exhibition was funded by the Arts Council England.

See here for a recognition from Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford.


Creators at the Care Home


As a social artist in a specialist dementia care home in Oxford, I created a series of workshops to focus on joy, community and collaboration, called Creators at the Care Home.


 This artwork is a reflection of the strength, connection and compassion experienced.

The work has been appreciated by London's Southbank Centre.


Communal Collages
2019 - Current



Resident adding image to collage in progress

Finished image of Collage, 1 x 1 m

Titled: 'Our Ecosystem of Bliss' 2022


Residents painting the imagery (hand-drawn templates).


Residents adding the collage components to a collective piece.


A resident assembling 'Endangered Species, 2021'

Collab Collage 1 copy.jpg

Collaborative Collage - Part 1

November 2020

By residents and staff of Vale House, Oxford

Inspired by interconnectivity between each other and nature.

Collab Collage 2.jpg

Collaborative Collage - Part 2

December 2020

By residents and staff of Vale House, Oxford

Inspired by interconnectivity between each other and nature in light of Covid-19.

Endangered Animals 2.jpg

Endangered Species

March 2021

By residents and staff of Vale House, Oxford

Commissioned by Julia Lacey for the 'Endangered Alphabet' ( )

Collaborative Collage: 'Society'

An 8m long cardboard and card collaborative piece made by over 15 residents.
This work celebrates diversity and interconnectivity through different age groups with the theme of social distancing to allow for social protection.
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Collective Poetry

These poems were created via group discussions, each focused on the individual's relationship to sport.

After generating the poem, a resident transcribed them and these became canvases for decoration.

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January - February 2021

Inspired by the artists Bibo and Brian's nature work for the Southbank Centre's, Art by Post, this array of aqua inspired work offers portals into a marine world using recycled and collected materials.

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