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Enter this ecosystem of illuminating illustrations, following the debut poetry of artist Georgia Arben-Crowther.


We have many versions of ourselves, all rooted to a core inner child. Georgia Arben-Crowther writes as a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a niece, a friend, an artist, a lover and an art psychotherapist in training. 

Whether it be creating art in a dementia care home, admiring orchids in botanical gardens, swimming in the sea, 'Ecosystem of Selves' dissects what it means to transform through trauma. 


By delving into our past-selves, we can pinpoint our inner child. In doing so, we may redefine the pains of abandonment and trauma as meaningful lessons. Through exploring the ecosystem of our shape shifting selves, we may learn to nurture vulnerable parts of ourselves, like a containing Mother with their child.


Natural and wild, like the changing seasons, the poems themselves evolve, exploring themes of motherhood, loss and psychodynamic theory. 

Confessional in style, they have a deliberate and intentional rawness to them that makes them relatable to people at any stage of their lives.

Hopefully, by re-interpreting our inner turmoil, we can accept that the entirety of our psychological fabric is based on being held, nurtured and loved.


Georgia Arben-Crowther invites the reader to cultivate their lives as an ecosystem.


Poetry Book: 'Ecosystem of Selves,' by Georgia Arben-Crowther

SKU: 21554345656
  • This is a perfect bound document with a silk front cover and vivid colours.

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