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Georgia Crowther 

Theatr3 Proposal: 

'A Communal Mural in

Port Talbot' 

A Short Description of My Work

My art is a multidisciplinary ecosystem, where I focus on co-existence between individuals, communities and the environment. By capturing the fragile harmony between nature and industry, my work offers a stage of healing and reflection. Most recently, I have been working in care homes and schools, offering interactive workshops to expose art as a tool for therapy and interconnectivity. I am dedicated to creating public artworks, as continuous metaphors of interactive journeys.

My techniques are versatile and I have extensive experience of organising large-scale participatory events. I have also brought creativity through workshops at the Oxford Craniofacial Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital. I currently work with people with dementia and young children with special needs.

My Idea for Port Talbot's young people is...

To create workshops that involve forming a collective collage. I will ultimately spray paint this collage as a performative mural for a wall in a relevant communal zone.

This process involves three stages:

1) Members of the Port Talbot community will receive paper templates (see Figure 1). These will be illustrated motifs I create of Port Talbot's landscape with focus on the fragility of the windswept sea versus industrial features (see Figure 2). Participants who receive the templates are invited to respond to the outline, colouring it in using pens/pencil/pastel/paint, or any other medium that personalises the subject matter. This is an accessible activity as it allows children to colour within the lines or push the boundaries of these lines. These can completed from home or within a workshop setting in light of COVID.

2) Once a series of motifs are sent back/gathered from a workshop, I will create a landscape composition using everyone's pieces to form one collective image (see Figure 3 and 4).

3) Finally, I will spray paint this image onto a wall that is decided by the community. This process can be filmed to create a fun video that can be shared on social media (see video). This video provides a link between the community of Port Talbot and the world. 

Proposal Figures and Film

Figure 1 - Illustrations of Port Talbot Motifs


Figure 2 - Elderly residents with dementia painting the templates I created, these were later cut out to create many components for the creative collages below.


Figure 3 - Elderly residents adding the collage components to a collective piece.

Collab Collage 1 copy.jpg

Figure 4 - This is a final outcome, a digitally altered composition of the collective collage at the care home.

Me creating a performative 'lockdown' inspired piece of street art, using spray paint on a derelict site.

Previous Murals:

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