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Communal Art Workshops

Georgia Crowther is a professional artist and art psychotherapist in training at Goldsmiths. She is offering a variety of fun, interactive workshops, perfect for any event and for healthcare settings.

Her experience varies from teaching young children with Parasol Project, who bring exciting projects to disabled and non-disabled people. Georgia has also runs projects with people with dementia, her kind and caring demeanour allows her to work in a person centred way. See her existing projects working with sculpture and people with dementia here.


Her classes are designed to be accessible to all and have been appreciated by The Southbank Centre (see photo on the right).

She has a full DBS and safeguarding training. 

The workshops are also ideal for birthday parties and other special occasions for all ages and abilities!

See Georgia's participatory artworks here and here.

Please see below for the workshops.

Call: +44 7503860906


Ceramics Hand Building Workshop

Would you like to learn the beautiful craft of clay? Working with this natural material has limitless benefits, bringing touch therapy and creativity together.

This workshop model can be adapted to the preferences of your participants, and will be tailored to each individual and/or community. Whether you are a beginner or have experience, this workshop is a perfect way to learn the material 1:1 or in a group.


Georgia is an advanced ceramic sculptor and would love to bring your ideas and designs to reality.  You will learn fundamental techniques, such as slab-building, pinch pots, coils and carving. 

See Georgia's personal practice with ceramics here.



By the end of the workshop, every participant will have a piece that will be glazed and ready within 3-5 weeks. Georgia is happy to deliver the work back to you.

All materials and firing will be included, please call: +44 7503860906 or 

Email: for availability and prices.



Communal Collage Workshop

The Communal Collage involves painting and drawing in groups to create imagery based on a chosen theme. The paintings will be made using safe paint and Georgia can draw templates for individuals with less capacity.


Once everyone has made their images, they will be cut out.

Next, there will be an exciting performance lead by Georgia and the group, where all the images created will be collaboratively arranged to form a Communal Collage.



The finished artwork will be framed for your group/institution to commemorate and represent the creative journey of the whole community. 

All materials and framing will be included, please call: +44 7503860906 or 

Email: for availability and prices.

Painting - collage.png
IMG_7146 copy.jpg
Collab Collage 1.jpg
framed collage.jpg
Cardboard Collage Panorama 1-2.jpg
Cardboard Collage Panorama 1-2.jpg

Participatory Poetry Workshop:

IMG_7453 copy.jpeg

The Participatory Poetry workshop involves group poetry sessions in which each individual will come up with lines for a poem, with a chosen theme. Using each member to inspire the formation of the poem, means this workshop is a lovely way for people to get to know one another.​

Every stage of the process is interactive and will foster positive experiences, interesting content to share with other members of the community. By the end of the session, there will be a visual creation of the poem, using paint, collage and drawing to create a background and decoration for display.

All materials and framing will be included, please call: +44 7503860906 or 

Email: for availability and prices.

Brian and his painting.jpeg
The making of Brians Poem painting.jpeg
Brians Rugby Poem.jpg
Poem - Sailing copy.jpg
Poem - Summer.jpg
framed poem - vale.jpg


If you would like your community to participate in my artistic workshops, please get in touch.

Call: +44 7503860906

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